In this session, I will be assisting you in resolving old issues related to past traumas, with The Deep Listening Technique. During this session, you will understand the depth and cause of these traumas and incidents, which will create the foundation for them to be resolved once and for all.

During this session, you will gradually receive downloads and answers to your own questions right on the spot. Most clients mention how magical this experience is for them. The connection between you and your intuition becomes so strong, that every download you begin to receive comes from pure Source/Universal Energy. You will be able to eliminate that which is no longer serving your highest good.

This session also includes a process that eliminates the negative residue that still may be hindering you from operating from a state of pure and full awareness. This will allow a state of balance to enter all areas of your life. A Resolution and Clarity Session will assist you in the understanding of your own psychology; there is no topic off limits here. You will be surprised how much wisdom is available to you within your own being. There’s a part of you that knows ALL things.

The minute we start connecting together during this session, you will move into a state of complete grace and openness to the infinite energies of love, healing, and expansion available to you.


Price 185$