This healing session is done remotely, so no phone/Skype is used. This nurturing session restores the balance of energies into your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, awakening the body’s natural power to heal itself.

During a Remote Energy Healing session, the focused Life Force/Universe Energy is sent your way to move in and out of your energy field. This kind of healing is as deeply nourishing to the body, mind and energy as deep breathing, healthy eating and hydration are.
Each of us has our own selective filters for absorbing, translating or deflecting various energies. Certain states of mind or activity can unlock or shut off this information access just as a cell phone is required to translate a particular radio wave into sound waves receivable by the human ear.Just as waves cannot be separated from the ocean, the localized energy fields I refer to as “me” are in constant communication and connection with the dynamic and interdependence of the whole.

At our essence,we exist as One, interdependent parts affecting the whole in this vast quantum web of interconnection. Aware of it or not, each of us is intimately and immediately connected with everyone and everything throughout the Universe. Every one of our actions, thoughts, and emotions is an energy pattern that affects the whole.

Allow this session to lift you up to higher states of consciousness, while also receiving a beautiful and restful experience of deep relaxation.

  • Remote Energy Healing                                  Adult                     $150
  • Children Remote Energy Healing                 Age 0-12                   $120

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