Hello dear friend,

Although everything seems to be unclear nowadays, so much uncertainty, panic, fear, anger, and anxiety are circulating through the mind and heart of the collective. Just know that what humanity is going through right now is immensely powerful and transformative. And our job is to share with you our offerings in a way that is suitable to your situation taking into consideration the collective at this time so we can move through this with ease and grace together.

If you follow my work, I have mentioned at the beginning of the year that 2020 is going to be a life-changing one on many levels. I have also mentioned that we have started a gateway that will set the stage to what will unfold in the coming decade. As light beings, lightworkers, and empaths we are setting the stage for the rebirth of the new world.

For those who are connected and working relentlessly on themselves to evolve it was no surprise. We either going back and joining others through fear and survival into a deep sleep or we are awakening to the magnificence of what is next in the coming 20 years. Here we are, amid all of that I felt the nudge to invite you and to share with you a collection of tracks that will support you on a physical, emotional, and physical level.

so I am truly excited to share with you these enhancing 12 recorded sessions to support you during this time. The monetary energy exchange for this online healing experience is offered in a Pay What You Can format, money should not be what holds anyone back from receiving and being part of healing and enriching offerings like this one. This form of exchange feels expansive during these times of transformation. And it will be an honor for me to include everyone in this offer.


The Transformative Healing Experience will include:


Session 1: Anxiety-Free Technique
Session 2: Love and Kindness Process
Session 3: Raising your vibration
Session 4: The cosmic Light Technique 1
Session 5: The Cosmic Light Technique 2
Session 6: Rewiring The Mind
Session 7: The Divine Soul Partner
Session 8: Awakened Abundance
Session 9: Mastered Manifesting
Session 10: Connect With Your intuition
Session 11: Om Berzee Namaha
Session 12: Affirmation for Rewiring the Mind


The Love and Kindness process Free sample:



The Divine Soul Partner Free sample:



This offer will be available to you until August the 6th make sure to sign in and you will have immediate access to the recordings.


The original pricing for this transformative series of sessions is valued at $444 and this form of energy exchange feels just right at this time!


Much Love,



Pay What You Can format: