Dear friend, finding a life that is fulfilling, meaningful, and prosperous might seem like an unachievable goal, but that’s absolutely not true. With a little bit of effort and a willingness to grow our life can be transformed completely. one of the main themes coming up for many at this time is their experience of abundance and prosperity, especially in their finances.

Are you prospering as much as you truly desire to be?

Are you seeing joyful and fulfilling abundance show up in your life often?

If you are someone who may still be experiencing some blocks with your experience of prosperity, we are going to move past them together quickly with mathematical certainty.

This is why I have been guided to create a powerful new healing series titled The Prosperity Formula, and there is an exact formula to be prosperous, it is not rocket science, it is easier than we think.

The series will include powerful healing processes and new information that will begin to clear the old patterns and blocks that have held us back from experiencing fulfilling abundance in our life.

The Prosperity formula new series will support you in becoming a sacredly abundant being I believe you truly deserve to be. We all deserve to be abundant in life.


This series will include :

  1.  How to be prosperous with mathematical certainty.
  2. Five brand new healing Live calls Plus 5 Remote healing sessions will allow you to dive deep into and anchor the sacred essence of eternal prosperity in your present reality. This is where abundance resides, and you will know how to instantly tap into this aspect of yourselves, to manifest from the invisible realms into the visible with greater ease.
  3. The releasing of old patterns of lack, blocks, and conditioned poverty prevented us from connecting to the source of all wealth!
  4. powerful insights that will support you with creating greater abundance in your life. We will be using certain manifestation methods which have been used by mystics to bring wealth and good fortune.


In this series, we will be able to acknowledge and heal the core issues that are still preventing us from experiencing true wealth on all levels, mental, physical, and spiritual.

We will also be moving through some of the following themes during this series:

  • The scientific approach to prosperous living.
  • The law of wealth.
  • How to change our Beliefs.
  • How to use willpower to achieve what we desire.
  • Working with the law of increase.
  • Understanding what Imagination is and how to use it.
  • Thinking Fourth-Dimensionally.
  • The Law of Thought Transmission.
  • The power of assumption.
  • A new way of using an affirmation.


The soul continually strives to evolve to the higher state of Being, using the Human form as but a Vessel to attain that goal.


The definition of the word prosper is to succeed financially, flourish physically, and grow strong and healthy. Prosperity is far more than money, there is so much more energy and fullness to it. Prosperity should be all of our goals. Being prosperous means we have a life worth living. It means our internal and external worlds are harmonious. It means we have deep and loving relationships. It means we are making the world a better place and helping others prosper as well.

My friend Feel free and see if this Prosperity series can assist you in any way it would be an honor to serve you especially at this time.

This healing series will begin on the 5th of September and continues throughout the 12th/19th/26th till October the 3rd which will be the last Q&A call.

Live Calls will be sent out as a recording after each call.

The series will include also 5 Remote healing sessions to support you energetically in the middle of each week until we finish the series which will keep the momentum going.


Your investment for the series:

5 Live Calls: $77.00


5 Live Calls Plus 5 Remote Healing: 125.00