It’s my deepest pleasure and an honor to share with you this Free audio gift titled Intuition Tune-up “Strengthening your inner compass”.

Dear friend, this year 2020 will be the first year since 2012 where at least two digits are the same. It is the time to let go and clearing out the old, making both outer and inner space for new beginnings and by doing that we will easily be able to tap into our reservoir of knowledge and wisdom, our intuition.

It is a good time to set an intention and work towards ourselves, for example by participating and listen to the audio here, you are sending a clear indication to your higher self that you are ready to be upgraded to that level of knowing which will be very helpful to your overall journey. That is why I have created this series, to continue the momentum of this powerful year preparing us for a whole new life-changing decade!


Please find your best seat,
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   Intuition Tune-Up Free Audio!


Intuition Tune-Up

Strengthening Your Inner Compass Series!


My friend, In our lives, there’s so much distraction, business, drama, anxiety. All these things are constantly spinning around in our minds, cluttering up our ability to go within and listen to the intuitive wisdom that exists within everyone. Many people think that developing intuition is all about being able to predict the future. As our intuition develops, that can happen, but it is not the ultimate goal here.

What we are really looking for is the ability to approach our lives from a place of knowing. The goal is to assess what is happening without conscious thought, effortlessly dropping into our intuitive wisdom. When this happens, it allows us to see the true nature of things rather than an illusion derived from our false conditioned responses.

When we are living our life from an intuitive place with a strong meditative mind, we are cultivating our rationality so that it matches the space of pure consciousness. We are able to easily transcend the noise of the mind and move into a tranquil state of mind that is open, receptive, and transformative. We are able to let go of the struggle of our mind and drop into the natural flow of the soul. By doing so we are able to truly relax and enjoy life.


Have you ever had one of those moments where you can almost “see” what’s going to happen next? Suddenly you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a certain someone is calling, or something surprising is going to happen. This is the power of intuition, it gives us glimpses of things we’ve not yet experienced. Lots of people use intuition, with or without their knowledge. But few people realize it’s a skill that can be cultivated!


In this upcoming series, I will be offering Kundalini meditations, mantras, and breathing techniques that will strengthen our meditative mind so that we can walk through life deeply connected to the wisdom of the Soul.


 We will learn together how to:


  1. Connect to the internal source of wisdom, your intuition, as your compass for truth
  1. Learn to access your intuition as a natural way of moving through life
  1. Tap into your intuition to make decisions rather than over-thinking problems
  1. Slowing down, become more present, and filter out the chatter of your mind
  1. Strengthen your meditative mind so that you are able to see the bigger picture
  1. Practicing Kundalini Yoga to open your pineal gland and expand your consciousness
  1. And finally, learn how to intuitively read Facial expression and traits 

Face reading can change our life. The self-revealing aspect of face reading creates a touching human connection and can be a source of healing that we can tap into so we can understand ourselves and others. Long before the development of languages, our earliest ancestors were face readers. Every face is a living history of that person’s life, revealing not only life experiences but also unspoken attitudes, secret intentions and hidden mysteries that can be read as easily as reading a newspaper. ( A face chart will be included in this session.)

The ability to know the truth about what is not being said from just looking at someone’s face is a valuable tool to understand everyone we meet on a deeper level. If you are a healer/lightworker, this session will add so much value to your work!


A handout will be available for participants which will include: Breathing Techniques, Mantras, & a face chart


The Brain and Intuition


Intuition is not a figment of a person’s imagination or is it literally coming from a person’s gut– it is the result of the activities within the different brain regions. Generally speaking, the area that paves the way for intuition is the right hemisphere. Not only does it govern creative thought, art, music, senses and emotion, it is also the area where intuitive thoughts are created.

The cerebral cortex, also known as the cerebellum, also affects the development of hunches in us as humans. The cerebellum also goes by the name ‘upper brain.’ Responsible for decision-making, creativity, and cognitive logic, and it plays the role in intuitive verdicts as well.


Intuition functions in a quantum leap. It has no methodological procedure, it simply sees things. It has eyes to see. It sees things which we have never even thought of as things — for example, Love. We have never thought of it as a thing. But a person of intuition can see whether there is Love in us or not, whether there is trust in us or not, whether there is doubt in us or not. They can see them as if these are things!



The upcoming series is starting on:

1st session: Sunday the 23rd of Feb at 11 AM Pacific Time.

2nd session: Sunday the 1st of March at 11 am Pacific Time.

3rd session: Sunday the 8th of March at 11 am Pacific time.

4th session: Sunday the 15th of March at 11 am Pacific time.

A recording of the sessions will be sent out after each Live Call!