This session deeply cleanses many of the limitations that hold us back from living our greatest reality, which often have been carried over from prior lifetimes into our present lifetime.

This session also addresses blockages within the brain cells and all of those agreements that can hold us back from expanding into our powerful and full Divine Self.

During a Brain Blockage Removal session, we also clear out many of the outdated religious vows that date back to many lifetimes ago. Although during those times it may have been appropriate for our spiritual evolution to get caught up in some of these patterns, we just no longer need to hold on to them anymore in order to evolve.

We can completely let go of the oaths of poverty, lack and limitation. All of these agreements and more that have been holding us back in the present can now be removed.

It’s time for us to have an amazing new life, not burdened by all of those outdated agreements made long ago from distant lifetimes at lesser levels of awareness.

During this session, we will clear out all limiting beliefs from this life time, and old patterns and teachings which may have limited our perception through conditions learned in the school system, tradition, parents, mentors, or society in general.

The purpose of this powerful session is to completely gain back our ability to embody our full potential now.



Price 185$