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Each new year—and each new day, week, or month—is another opportunity to reinvent ourselves, and to experience the miracle of having Clear Intention. We can take stock of what we have experienced, decide what we want to release, and choose what we want to bring in.

It’s also an opportunity to look within and see how our personal spiritual nourishment has become all the more important, and to maintain a balanced and positive outlook. One of the best ways to begin a new chapter is by setting a clear intention. With just this one simple act, we can start to reprogram our entire lives with a positive outlook and clarity.

Ziad wants you to set a clear intention, especially for healing, to help eliminate the old baggage and make a space for more expansion and self-realization. Setting a clear intention is a very powerful and sacred way to enter the next stage of your existence. This is Ziad’s way of saying thank you for the honor of assisting you on your path to greater growth, expansion, and understanding!

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