Remote Energy Healing

This nurturing session restores the balance of energies into your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, awakening the body’s natural power to heal itself.



the body, mind and energy


with everyone and everything throughout the Universe



you up to higher states of consciousness

During a Remote Energy Healing session, the focused Life Force/Universe Energy is sent your way to move in and out of your energy field. This kind of healing is as deeply nourishing to the body, mind and energy as deep breathing, healthy eating and hydration are.

Each of us has our own selective filters for absorbing, translating or deflecting various energies. Certain states of mind or activity can unlock or shut off this information access just as a cell phone is required to translate a particular radio wave into sound waves receivable by the human ear.Just as waves cannot be separated from the ocean, the localized energy fields I refer to as “me” are in constant communication and connection with the dynamic and interdependence of the whole.

At our essence,we exist as One, interdependent parts affecting the whole in this vast quantum web of interconnection. Aware of it or not, each of us is intimately and immediately connected with everyone and everything throughout the Universe. Every one of our actions, thoughts, and emotions is an energy pattern that affects the whole.

Allow this session to lift you up to higher states of consciousness, while also receiving a beautiful and restful experience of deep relaxation.


    “Having met a lot of great healers, Ziad stands out as being one of the most gifted and talented. He has a powerful way of getting to the root of whatever issues someone may be experiencing, and then is able to lovingly address and resolve them with ease. I send many of my clients to Ziad, because I know they will have a miraculous experience.” Emmanuel Dagher, Best Selling Author and Teacher


    “Ziad is such a warm, kind person. During our phone session, I could feel strong love radiating from him that gave me a sense of peace and made me feel safe. His gifts as a channel and  healer are wonderful. Before my session, I wrote down several questions. When Ziad called me, he gave me a message that he had received for me before the call. The message answered each of my questions precisely. Ziad’s healing therapies that I experienced were gentle, yet powerful. I learned so much about myself and was literally set free. My heart is soaring now that the misery I was trapped beneath has been transformed into joyful hope!” Mathieu Nakkach, Cannes,France


    “Ziad is a natural and gifted healer. He is very in tune with what is taking place during the healing and I just had so much fun reading the write-up after my session and I was also able to feel, sense and see these things as they occurred. Ziad is just so in tune with the higher frequencies and vibrations in which he assists in facilitating.  I look forward to future sessions!” Claire O’Neil, Ontario, Canada


    “A meditation professional and healer who can both listen and advise is a rare breed. When you find one you are struck with two antithetical impulses. Keep such a treasure all to one self and… tell those in need there is someone who can truly help those who want help. Ziad Hashash presented us with such a dilemma. In the world of counseling Ziad is a rare breed. His patience, persistence and practical insights set him apart and both Roula and I are deeply appreciative of the journey he has travelled with us.” Tarik Za’abeel, Dubai,United Arab Emirates


    “I went to Ziad for a healing session in which I experienced calmness and opening of my heart. All the sadness I had as a child and images from my childhood went by and were gone. An hour treatment went by like ten minutes. In other times I experienced very deep meditations, quietness, yet very alert and awake. Thank you Ziad for helping me get in touch with the healing force within me.” Suzie Oliver, Brisbane, Australia


    “Dear Ziad, thanks so much for your healing sessions. So many things changed and improved since the beginning of your treatments. You are very gifted and all you are doing arises from the depth of your heart and the depth of the knowledge you channel. I highly recommend you as a healer.” Khaled Zaki, Art Space Gallery, Dubai Unitd Arab Emirates


    “I am so overwhelmed to speak about my abundant experience with his sessions, especially the “Yes To Infinite Abundance” part 1&2 sessions! This session has transformed my way of seeing my self and the world around me. Ziad goes deep in the core issue of lack and makes you understand that true abundance is in the living, and in knowing your true essence. After this session unexpected incidents kept happening to me indicating a new way of being, I Love how he incorporate special music and effects as part of his healing methods.” Nola Jordan


    I just want to say thank you to you dear Friend, Mentor and Teacher!! Your love and wisdom and kindness has transformed my life completely!! I am also in awe because of your dedication for me to learn and continue this sacred journey!! I very well remember your “Profound Healing Through Movement and Dance” which was the catalyst that continued to inspire me to stay on this sacred Journey!! Ziad thank you for my life and thank you for the Peace and Love and Joy I found in your care!! Awilda Jusino


    “Dear Ziad, thanks so much for “The Ultimate Healing Zone – Tapping into the Sweet Space of Healing and Knowing” session. So many things changed and improved since the beginning of my journey with you. You are very gifted and all you are doing arises from the depth of your heart and the depth of the knowledge you channel.” Suzie Oliver


    Dear Beautiful Ziad, Your series “Awakened Abundance” probably wanted to show me that I was ready and it was “you” who were sent to deliver it. I remember talking to myself “he could not be truer in what he is saying! It is exactly what he is saying”. And the bliss of Abundance fell on me. Forever grateful for your loving light!! Amanda Stevenson


    “The “Awakened Abundance” empowered me to practice being present, to get rid of old patterns, to enjoy everything at this very moment, and to be aware of the true abundance which I might sometimes overlook. SO grateful for the expansive experience with Ziad” Nada Yamin

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