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Put your dancing shoes on for a powerful dancing meditation. There’s nothing more spiritual than dancing. Do you ever put on your favorite dancing music when no one is around and just cut loose? It’s a great way to release tension and unwind. With a few simple additions, this pleasurable experience can become a meditation.

In the spiritual abundance session, the key element is to forget that you are dancing and to feel that you are the dance; then the dance becomes a meditation when the divisions dissolve and you are totally involved, totally merged into the dance. You do not need to do anything to force this shift; you just allow it to happen.

When you do this dancing meditation, you release a tremendous amount of tension, and creative insights arise. Tension is simply trapped energy. The wild and free movement of the dance is a great way to set this energy free and get it moving. Feeling free in your body allows your mind to expand, your heart to open, and your spirit to soar.

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