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Tap into the sacred space of Knowing, with this powerful session, designed for those who feel stuck inside mental patterns and processes that were created in the past. You may feel that your mind is the locked into certain negative belief patterns and trained reactions that you can’t change or release. But though it is true that the mind can create thoughts and emotional patterns, that is only one of its functions.

This powerful session will show you two great truths about the mind:

  1. When the mind is turned outward, it gets lost in projections, emotions, and stories
  2. When it is turned inward, it recognizes its own Divine nature, which creates the space for it to be liberated from the old patterns, and be transformed to a much higher level

…this session will leave you in awe of its grounding yet powerful energies!

The true nature of your mind is sacred, infinite space. You can transform your mind to work in higher, more peaceful, more expansive ways, once you form the clear intent to do so.

It’s time for your mind to fulfill the spirit-expanding role it was created for. Let this highly energized session lead you remembering your Sacred Self.

In this session, you will learn how to transform your beautiful mind by:

  • Tapping into the sacred mind-space
  • Unifying your heart and mind
  • Opening up to the energies of the Seventh Dimension
  • Seeing how the sacred space of the mind, when directed inward, enables you to transform your life and the lives of others
  • Using your sacred mind-space to open the channels to the flow of Divine Energies and Divine Plan of your True Being

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