Value: $175

MP3 — 60 minutes

Bridging Spirituality, Prosperity & Healing Live Call Series

Two Transformative Group Calls with Ziad

Ziad offers 2 group calls to support you and to follow up with the “Awakened Abundance” and “Sacred Expansion Healing” series.

These two calls will assist you in maintaining a higher perspective of your true awakening towards prosperity and abundance. We will release all issues through processes and activations which eliminate any lingering energies that are still keeping us from being the true abundant being that we are.

A period of Q&A will be included in each 60-minute call.

A recording of the calls will be available if you miss the live call

My Heart Is Soaring

Ziad is such a warm, kind person. During our phone session, I could feel strong love radiating from him that gave me a sense of peace and made me feel safe. His gifts as a channel and healer are wonderful. Before my session, I wrote down several questions. When Ziad called me, he gave me a message that he had received for me before the call. The message answered each of my questions precisely. Ziad’s healing therapies that I experienced were gentle, yet powerful. I learned so much about myself and was literally set free. My heart is soaring now that the misery I was trapped beneath has been transformed into joyful hope!
Mathieu Nakkach


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