Dear friends,

scientists estimate the probability of each one of us being born and the odds of being here are four hundred trillion to one.  Previously, I had heard the Buddhist version of the probability of this precious incarnation. “Imagine there was one life preserver thrown somewhere in some ocean, with exactly one turtle in all these oceans, swimming underwater somewhere. The probability that we came about is the same as that turtle sticking its head out of the water into the middle of that life preserver. On one try.”

Even more, they say with the lowest statistic of 1 in 400 trillion, we would have a better chance of winning over $100 million-dollar lottery 9 times over our life again than we would have been born. This basically zero chance of being born shows clearly that we are unique and we all deserve having an equal place on this stage! We were all meant to be in this limitless existence and if we choose, we can find the purpose that brought us into creation! Regardless of our skin color, country of origin, body size, religion, gender, or viewpoint, we already made it here and that by itself is a great achievement and a tremendous honor.

Please, this is a call for all of us, to simply remember to be grateful, be humble, be loving, be kind, and be true to who we are.

The astonishing story of creation is “you” it is just getting started. At any moment now, you can tap into this state of being, with your core realization of the humongous impossibility and the rarity of you experiencing this life, this alone is enough to ignite your I Amness.

I mean simply to just stop and think about it for a minute. Think about all the things that had to happen over the course of history for you to be breathing at this moment.

People dream of hitting the lottery but fail to realize we have already won big!!

Just as people search for miracles but walk past through them every day.  Each time we look at ourselves in the mirror a miracle in flesh stares back, we just don’t realize it. this is the reality.  We are all miracles put on this earth for a purpose. We have a reason for being here and it is to live our limitless possibilities and impact the world in a positive and elevated manner!

Scientists have done a great job on those studies calculating the probability of each one of us being born, taking into account all the odds of our parents’ meeting, our ancestors meeting, even wars and the dinosaurs role in our birth.

We all have ideas every day that are groundbreaking and can change our lives forever, but our mind put the emergency brake on them. If we are truly a miracle of 1 in 400 trillion, why does the mind do this to us?  Why do we doubt ourselves in this way?

It is simply because we are afraid of failure! Fear of failure is now known to be the biggest epidemic in the history of mankind. The fear of what other people will say, family members, society, religion and so forth. Fear can hold us back or fear can be the fire that pushes us forward. It’s important to do some internal inventory to see whether the fear of failure is the reason that stopping us from reaching our full potential which is enormously limitless, and in most cases,  it is!

A gentle reminder; No investments were made before coming into this life and look at the amazing profits we have been blessed with!

Ways to understand and overcome failure:

  1. Identify the Root Cause

Where does our fear of failure originate?

Sit down, take a few deep breaths, ask yourself when your fear of failure was formed, and observe what you see, feel, or hear. When you see what caused your fear of failure, you also see that your mind’s interpretation is far from accurate. It’s vital to examine our negative beliefs because they have a big influence on how we live our life.

  1. Simplify

Complexity is hard for most people, and when we do, we end up feeling overwhelmed. Everything may begin to feel hopeless and not worth doing because we just don’t know how, or where to start. When I begin any project, I always feel overwhelmed. I have no idea of where to go, what to do, or how to start. But when I simplify the tasks at hand, clarity emerges. Then I have no problem taking action because I had broken everything down into actionable pieces which will simplify any project whether it’s a big project or small.

  1. Failure is Temporary, it is an event, it is not you as a person.

Failure feels permanent, but it isn’t. When we imagine failing, we probably play an internal movie until we fail, and the credits roll. But real life doesn’t work like that. Failure molds us into our ideal self. The truth is I’ve failed more times than I can count, yet I still fear failure. The difference now versus my past self is that I know now that the fear of failure is just a thought, it’s not who I am!

  1. Shift in Perspective

Failure teaches success. Who taught you that failure is a bad thing? If It feels bad, so it must be bad. Is that really true?

Every belief and thought that makes us feel bad needs to be examined. What good does a fear of failure do us? It’s easier said than done to eliminate negative beliefs, but it all starts with being aware that a problem actually exists. The last thing we want to do is get mad at ourselves for not being perfect. We all have our unique fears. They often serve a hidden purpose that only reveals itself in hindsight. My friend, our fears help us grow in the way we need to grow. We realize our negative beliefs when they need to be realized. There is no rush. This is not a competition. You’re doing a wonderful job and I respect and honor your unique way of dealing with your issues. If we look at each failure as a blessing in disguise. We realize that it is not through our successes that we become wise, but mostly through our failures.

My friend, please remember because the amount of available DNA so vastly outnumbers the number of actual people, know that the odds against you being born are so great that this event has no chance of happening, yet here you are. When we remember the miracles of being, with our unique combination of atoms, right now standing at the edge of evolution. Something to be proud of and look forward to exploring. Maybe those are the odds of you being here. Who cares about the maths, what’s simply amazing is that we are here on this planet, it’s time to live up to it at this moment in history when the possibility to do, be or have anything, has never been greater.

I celebrate your uniqueness today. I bow to the sacredness of your being!

Eternal Blessings,