My friend, hours separates us from the new year, a great opportunity to reflect on our journey in 2018. The numerology energy represented by the number 2019 resonates with creative self-expression, relationships, optimism, and inspiration. This is a very promising year for all of us.


Toward the end of each December, we get to embrace our authenticity by reviewing the last 12 months and what needs to be released completely which no longer useful. I usually like to examine each part of the preceding year to acknowledge my accomplishments, to see where I parted from my mission, evaluate what worked and what didn’t, and think about what needs to be changed. I ask myself: What new opportunities came to light? What did I learn? What challenged me and helped me emerge stronger? What are the revelations that I’ve been blessed with? So, I write down my list of the year’s top 10 highlights, also I write down what is no longer working for my highest wellbeing separately on a small paper to burn it in a light ceremony on the New Year Eve!

I am very excited about this upcoming year, for the new revelations and expansion awaiting our arrival. It is a social energy year and I love that.


 Traits of 2019:

If you choose to be the expression of 2019 energy; you would tend to be optimistic. You would have a rich ability for creative self-expression. You will be innately aware of the infinite potential. You become tolerant and compassionate and operate well as a team member. Keep in mind, the energy represented by 2019 is social, diplomatic, and inclusive, yet can operate independently. 2019 energy is also a humanitarian and self-reliant. Comprehensive awareness is another trait of 2019 energy. It is the awareness of being whole and self-sufficient.


My friend, when the number 2019 reduces to the single-digit number 3, the essence of the number 2019 is a composite containing the ideas of:


  • Abundance
  • Creative self-expression
  • Relationships
  • Wholeness
  • Alignment
  • Self-determination
  • Humanitarianism
  • Optimism
  • Companionship creative expression
  • inspiration, and tolerance
  • And self-realization


Let’s hold the divine space for all of us to align with those amazing traits and to enhance our well-being this coming year.

Self-realization is the sustained movement of dissolving the ego. The ego is a lens that skews reality, and Self-realization dissolves that lens to allows us to view life from awakened awareness–no filters, no distortions. Awakening does so independently of the person, and it does so intelligently.


Important rituals:


Brain research confirms that rituals have great power and influence over our minds. If we perform a ritual of release (letting go of a symbol that holds negative energy or writing down limiting beliefs and then ripping up the paper or burn it), a part of our brain reads it as if it were true. When we participate in a ritual, in essence, we are telling our brain we’ve already completed whatever we’ve indorsed symbolically, and the victory has already been won!

Out with the old:

As the year comes to an end, I find myself wanting to clear out the old things that clutter up my life in the last year. In Italy, the Italians threw things made from glass out the windows when it hit 12 o’clock on New Year’s Eve. Now I don’t suggest you go that far, but I was taught in my childhood that if you get something new, you give something away. I try to make that a continual ritual.


Welcoming good luck and prosperity:

For good luck in the coming year, and it is the year of the pig in the Chinese calendar which means abundance. In some cultures, they throw money into the house the first time they enter after the new year has begun. If you’ll be staying home on New Year’s Eve, go outside your front door a minute after midnight and throw coins through the entryway. Bless them with all the qualities you want to bring in, joy, clarity, success, and good health. You can leave them there and after 48 hours you give them away.

Or when you return home for the first time in the new year (perhaps after a late-night celebration), have a bowl of coins sitting outside your front door. Bless them for everything you want in the new year, a handful for abundance, a handful for health etc. and then throw them inside your home and bless them again. Leave them there for 48 hours and then give them all away, a symbolic gesture of your trust that you’ll receive what you need, and that you have enough to give some away. Remember when you’re in a state of gratitude and joy, things manifest faster.


Focus on the first 12 days:

One of the most powerful teachings I ever learned was that the first 12 days of the year represent the whole year. (January 1 stands for the month of January, January 2 for February, and so on.) By practicing a certain breathing technique, lovingkindness, openness, and alignment while giving thoughtful attention to the significance of each of these 12 days, we will set the tone for the whole year. It’s a type of positive reprogramming, we will consecrate the entire coming year.

In the end, one of the biggest challenges in life is realizing that each individual is just a piece of the Supreme. It takes a lot of work to change our world and to bring it back to its miraculous nature and knowing that will be all the difference. It’s also crucial to recognize that our sense of being will be heightened if we realize that our happiness is dependent upon our own sense of living. If we carry out misery within our life, then only misery will follow. However, if we commit to making a difference and living with a passionate attitude to evolve with life, we’ll find that life will deliver the most incredible blessings we’ve never dreamed of.


Dear friend, thank you for being part of my life journey. I want to wish you a miraculous New Year. Believe that the world is a much brighter place because you exist, you have made a huge difference just by being here. Time will pass, what will remain in the vastness of existence, is our personal recorded experience, let’s make it worthwhile!


May you have a prosperous and life-changing year!