Blessons are the spiritual exercise which occur in one’s life to assist them in their full spiritual unfoldment. If one is into judgment , then one sees Blessings and Lessons in their life. Yet these Blessings/Lessons are one and the same when observed from a higher dimensional level. So, what does one do with Blessons? First you give thanks for all your Blessons. Each Blesson is designed to assist you in the unfoldment of all your abilities and powers. Blessons are your path back to your own spiritual command center.

Now obviously, some Blessons are more enjoyable than others but they are all Blessons. Those events in your life that are uncomfortable are still Blessons for which one gives thanks. Why would one give thanks for uncomfortable Blessons? Because, by giving thanks for all Blessons, one shows they are at the level of consciousness where they see all events as Blessons; as the spiritual exercise which they really are. Even Blessons contain spiritual exercise relating to ego and discernment.

Unpleasant Blessons, are those events and situations that create a disharmonic effect within your current life and bring change in some major way. We must Understand that all Blessons are events and situations that bring change into our life. Within spiritual exercises are the Blessings in Lessons and Lessons in Blessings. Four words which can sum up everything are ” This Too Shall Pass”. How one views their spiritual adventures in consciousness can turn a Lesson into Blessing, or one can turn a Blessing into a Lesson.that was about blessons will continue later about blessons as well.

When one makes great leaps in consciousness and enjoys exciting spiritual adventures then a spiritual exercise will unfold. How one reacts to their visits to higher levels of consciousness determines whether a Blessing type event unfolds or a Lesson type event occurs. If one just accepts their Celestial adventures, gives thanks for the Blesson and only reports the experience, then additional Blessings can rapidly unfold. We know that people in high states of consciousness have a higher vibratory rate than others. Many have made statements about vibratory rates over the years but what does it mean, that a person has good “vibes” or “Good Vibrations”. A person’s higher vibratory rates means they are using sections of their brain which mainstream scientists dismiss. This portion of the brain is the entryway to ones higher consciousness levels and the abilities contained therein. This area of the brain contains energy frequencies which exceed the sensitivity measurements of current technological instrument.

This is why most scientists say that we do not use the major portion of our brain. This area of the brain generates brain wave patterns far above those which our scientist’s current primitive equipment has been able to register and classify as “Alpha”, “Beta”, “Theta” etc. brain waves.

Ones ego is actually a safety mechanism during ones spiritual evolution and growth. Some people think ego has to be eliminated for spiritual growth. That is a impossibility, for your ego is part of you. The ego is there to warn you of various things, it plays memory tapes for you and remember there have been times in everyone’s lives that ego seemed to be their friend. Ego can be of great help in spiritual growth because it is a connection to your higher states of consciousness when it is in a state of equanimity. Where one becomes unattached to the outcome of events around them, when one can view all events in their life as Blessons, when one gives thanks for all events or Blessons in one’s life, then the ego can rest.

It doesn’t have to warn you of “Lessons”, it can also let you relax and observe the outcome of Blessons and events in your life. This process allows one easier and quicker access to ones abilities and powers. Now, unpleasant Blessons do disrupt one’s life, however it is how one reacts to a disruptive Blesson that determines the next stage in their spiritual growth. If one gets upset or angry over a Blesson, it simply means that one did not pass that spiritual exercise. It also means, the spiritual exercise will be repeated at a later date. However, when one gives thanks for the Blessons, it means they have passed the Blesson and it doesn’t need to be repeated. (This “thanks” has to come from the heart and not just from the lips.)

After giving thanks for the Blesson, one should look at the event or Blesson that just occurred from other dimensional levels. Find “something” in the Blesson to use in spreading Love and Light, “something” for you to use to grow spiritually. A true sign of Self Empowerment is the ability to take “Blessons” or spiritual exercises to a higher level of consciousness and create something out of the “Blesson” to spread the Love and the Light.