Hello my friend, I am so grateful to be able to connect with you in this way. In today escalating energies of the Summer Solstice, we feel called to join in our understanding the people who are feeling despair, lack, and depression.

Depression means that somehow anger is in us in a negative state. Depression is a negative state of anger. The word depressed is a great indication, it says something is being pressed; that is the meaning of depressed. We are pressing something inside, and when anger is pressed too much it becomes sadness. Sadness is a negative way of being angry.

The reality is “source energy” simply responds to who we are. What our mind is, what our emotions are and how we are right now, will simply manifest in every action that we perform in the world, thus bringing more of what we are experiencing right this minute, that’s why we are always learning together and sharing ways to be present and happy rather than letting a running program that has been imposed by our surrounding to dictate who we are.

So, whatever we are, existence gives us more of that. If we have many flowers within our being, a million times more flowers will shower upon us, it is the law. If we have a deep depression, then existence helps that too, a million times more depression will come to us. Whatever we are will always come knocking at our door day in and day out. The genius decision we will ever make is to switch poles from depression to true fulfillment and true living, and that can happen without any conflict rather with ease. In fact, what comes after depression often miraculous because of the energy which has been locked inside of us waiting dormant to explode into being.

If we suffer from depression, this simply means we are very sensitive and we have repressed too many emotions inside, be it through lack of self-expression where we were told not to talk, not to laugh, to lower our voice, until we’ve lost completely our connection to our real voice. Depression is nothing but repression. If we are not allowed to express who we authentically are, depression happens!

In our community we share the knowledge with each other on how important to express ourselves fully through diverse ways like; Dancing Meditation, or through heavy breathing techniques, singing, screaming and so on. There are many ways of expression that we can use to unlock our true potential. In expressing who we are all that has been repressed in the unconscious, will be unburdened, we suddenly become well-balanced, healthier and alive, and the illusion of depression simply falls on its own. There are other natural methods to transcend depression which I will share with you at the end.

Personally, I have been in that state of awareness before in my early teens till my mid 20’s and I understand the agony of being oneself, the torture of just existing. Of course, little that I know it was the period where love, compassion, abundance, stability and other amazing things were being prepared, life was loaded with limitless possibilities waiting dormant. My only escape was daydreaming, not knowing that all the beauty, the love, the compassion that I was dreaming of will one day be a reality. Even today, I’m still fulfilling and manifesting realities that are linked to my early age depression. And the reason is that I used my depression at the time to create positive realities within and I lived in them despite the exterior harsh reality I was experiencing then.

My friend our ego is the source of all the problems, all the wars, all the conflicts, all the jealousies, fear, depression. Feeling oneself as a failure, continuously comparing with others makes everybody hurt tremendously because we can’t have everything. Ego is surrounded with depression, with anxiety, with anguish, with all kinds of ideas. We can clearly see it evident in people who have egoistic traits, they are never happy.

If we compare ourselves with the people who are “greater” in some way than us, we will become bitter. life will become poisoned by the comparison. We will remain always in a state of depression, as if existence has deceived us, betrayed us as if we have been let down. Or if we compare ourselves with people who are in some way lesser than us, then we tend to become very egoistic. This is one of the reasons why narcists and egoists are always surrounded by people smaller than themselves. They collect this kind of people so that they can look bigger than they are by comparison.

Whatever it is, sadness, anger, depression, unhappiness — be with it. And you will suddenly witness that if you remain with sadness, sadness changes into a beautiful thing, sadness becomes a depth. If we remain with anger, not thinking about, just being with it, anger is transformed; it becomes the pure energy of forgiveness. If we remain with lust, lust takes on a different quality; it becomes love.

Let’s remember this: Nothing lasts forever; so the depression will go. And when it leaves, after the depression, after the night, there will be a dawn and the sun will rise. If we can be alert at that moment. We will be happy that we were depressed. We will be grateful that we are depressed because only through our depression was this pristine state of happiness possible!

When depression is there, allow it to be. No need to get depressed about it. If we want to remove it sooner by medication, we will get depressed even more. If we fight it, we will create a secondary depression that is dangerous. The first depression is beautiful on its own, it is God-given. The second depression is our own. it is mental because people cannot wait, and then they will move into mental grooves.

If we are not depressed about our depression we can contact, we can commune, we can enter this heavenly gate. And once we know it, we have learned one of the ultimate laws of life: that life uses the opposite as a teacher, as a background.

The most amazing thing is to have hope while one is in a funk. Hope means simply a hopeful attitude about everything. An optimistic view. Looking at the golden side of things. Whatever happens, we remain hopeful. Depression comes only if we look at the wrong side of things. People with this optimistic attitude plant the greatest seeds in their minds while they’re depressed, they escape their reality by daydreaming and they achieve the impossible when the clouds are gone.

The Keyword is Trust: that everything is for the good. This trust that everything is for the good is multidimensional; this is religiousness which comes from the heart. And if we trust that everything is for the good, we will come to realize the divine. The divine can be realized through such trust. We will simply learn that even the storm is happening for the sake of the silence. Evil exists for the sake of good; death exists for the sake of life; suffering and agony are just situations in which endless possibilities can happen right after.

If we know that agony exists for the sake of ecstasy we cannot be agonized. If we know and feel and realize that suffering exists for the sake of happiness we cannot be made to suffer. It is impossible. Because we have gone beyond the clutches of the world, we have taken a jump out of the wheel of karma.


Techniques for Anxiety and Depression:

The basic idea is to start with some attention to breathing and body posture. Learning to sit in “Seiza” posture or “lotus” position will work too. Assume straight posture and rather than either thinking or imagining anything or directly trying to stop thinking, keep bringing your attention back to your breathing.

Now, for some people “breathing” is too diffuse and it’s impossible to really concentrate on that, so in some training, we focus through “one point” on the “Hara”, the small area just about two fingers below the navel and about one inch inside it. Most people who are depressed, have a closed Hara. Hara is one of the most important energy centers in our body system, life started there and life will end from there.

Please note that the reason this kind of “one point” mind training in meditation works is that it brings the awareness, energy, and attention down from our upper body where it’s getting knotted up as “thoughts” and very uncomfortable emotions (in the neck, jaw, head, and shoulders especially) and constricting the circulation of CHI “The life force energy”.

Each time the attention wavers, which it will, we gently bring it back to the Hara “one point”!

If this is difficult at first, there are two even easier methods (I actually use them all) and they can be used for anything not only anxiety and depression.

1. The first is to light a candle (a small candle in a dish or a glass, is best so you don’t get distracted by dripping wax) and focus all your attention on the flame of the candle as the “one point,” getting completely absorbed into it by bringing your attention back each time it begins to wander into thoughts or images of the past and future, any worries you might have.

2. The second is to use a small indoor fountain that has a stream of water running very quietly over pebbles. This can be very absorbing. It’s the same idea: you listen to the trickling water (while sitting firmly yet comfortably in Seiza or Lotus position) and the changing, subtle sound of the water is your “one point.” Each time your attention begins to waver, you gently return it to the sound of the trickling water.

Seiza position is by itself a powerful and stable posture, and even more so if you completely relax into it by dropping your energy downward; always downward to the Hara, to the lower body, the knees, the feet, the hands. Always drop Chi downward, because in anxiety attacks the body’s energy rushes upward and overloads the head and sometimes gets choked and knotted up very painfully in the chest and/or throat.

By using these simple yet powerful techniques along with “one pointed” concentration we can overcome any anxious thought/feeling/depression. Better still, we will soon directly realize that the nature of the mind is truly an infinite space where we can use to fulfill our deepest longing and our true purpose for being.

Much Love,