Implants are brain cells which have been programmed to limit or withhold the activation of certain powerful abilities in the human mind until that person reaches a specific level of consciousness. Powerful abilities are latent within every human and energy blockages which some term implants, are within each of us. Everyone is limited as to what they can do in a human physical body, by agreements which each of us made in the higher dimensional before we incarnated in our present bodies. Humans have incredible powers which are latent within them. These abilities and powers cannot be open and activated until a person begins reaching certain level or expansions of consciousness where access to those powers and abilities is granted. Many people also chose, before incarnating, to install special energy blockages over certain powers and abilities they misused in the past.

These special energy blockages mean that certain abilities and powers cannot be accessed by those people until they reach levels of consciousness higher than normal for accessing such powers and abilities.The human brain is the information and energy conduit between one’s consciousness and their human body. Human brain are known by scientists to be extremely more complex and faster than today’s super computers.All this from the 5 to 10% of the brain that most scientists agree, is the percentage of the brain which people use. An “Einstein” type person would be a “ten percenter”. One’s latent powers and abilities lie in that 90 to 95% of the brain which scientists say is inactive. Actually, this area of the brain is very active but scientific instruments are not yet sensitive enough to measure, or even register all the activity which occurs in this area of the mind.

It is in this area of the brain where a person’s brain cells are pre-programmed at birth to limit or withhold their powers and abilities from being activated until that person is ready to properly handle the responsibilities and powers of those abilities. In addition, from birth, babies and young children have the ability to shut down powers and abilities if their environment is not conducive toward the unfoldment of those powers and abilities.

When these babies and children close down their powers and abilities due to adult pressures, they also close down many of their spiritual powers until a later period in their life. No one, no being, can place a brain cell blockage or implant in you without your permission. Your higher levels of consciousness, your Higher Selves, your I Am Presences, God, whatever term you want to use, will not allow it. It absolutely cannot happen, unless you give permission.

How are these brain cell blockages or implants removed? They are removed with the powers of Unconditional Love along with help of a spiritual teacher or guide and with communication and acceptance. The question to each person is whether they “Walk Their Talk”, and practice what they preach. It is by doing one’s prayers and/or meditations on a daily basis, which expands one spiritually every day. That shows who really walks their talk. Now  the biggest obstacle to releasing energy flows and removing blockages is your complete and unconditional acceptance of yourself as you are. These “releases” or “removals” require one to “Unconditionally Love” themselves, embracing  their past mistakes and all. One also needs to agree that their current level of consciousness is sufficient to properly handle the powers and energies that will unfold with the removal of the energy blocks.

Once blockages are removed, even a person’s powers and abilities from childhood can once again be accessed. A person’s presence with a spiritual mentor indicates they are ready for the celestial being to remove energy blockages or implants. In easy to understand terms, your spiritual teacher and these Celestial Beings help one to fully activate the brain cells relating to those abilities and powers, which one can now handle properly. The removal of blockages or implants seems to be a never ending process. This is because some people can restore energy blockages or reinstall implants in their brain cells if they become fearful of the powers contained within their “new” abilities. A loss of abilities can also occur if one allows doubt and other fears to disrupt their emotional bodies.

Once a person allows their emotions to be disrupted, they are no longer emotionally in balance. There is spiritual safety mechanism in your consciousness that closes down certain powers and abilities when one’s emotional and mental bodies are not in balance. Creation is set up so that there are energy blockages or implants for each ability or power at each and every level of consciousness. Thus, while some special energy blockage in your brain cells could be limiting those powers that you should have at your current level of consciousness, there are many other blockages  at your higher level of consciousness which keep you from using abilities at heightened levels of awareness, until you are ready. When one reaches level of consciousness where one is able to works with Celestial Beings in the release of those blockages, then all abilities and powers related to one’s current level of consciousness can begin to unfold.

However, all the powers and abilities of an Ascended Master, and those of higher level of consciousness, are only released when one has permanently infused the Ascended Master and above levels of consciousness into themselves. The abilities and powers that are released when brain cell blockages are removed consist mainly of two types. One type includes the removals of blockages and activations of those brain cells relating to powers and abilities at your current level of consciousness. The other type refers to removal of special energy blockages and this second release activates those powers that a person would have misused in the past. Brain cell blockages or implants are easily and comfortably removed by a personal session with Ziad available in the Sessions section of this site.