Karma is the result of your actions. Karma is also the sum of your learning experiences at this level of existence. One could say that one’s karma is the total of all one’s learning experiences from all their lifetimes. In life, there are no rewards, there are no punishments, there are only consequences. The bottom line of karma is that it is the net worth of all one’s actions, in all lifetimes. Karma is the summary of all the experiences one has encountered in human bodies throughout all their lifetimes and incarnations.

Questions one should have about their karma include some of the following. What is one’s net total karma at this point in their life? Is everything balanced? Is there anything a person has left to learn at their current level of consciousness from some past karmic incident? Karma is merely a process to help and guide us on our spiritual paths back to the highest level of consciousness in all creation, the Creator of All That Is.

Karma is a teaching tool. What happens when the student is at a level of consciousness where they are ready to graduate in a Personal Ascension and there is karma remaining from actions they performed at lower levels of consciousness? It is at this point in one’s life that a teacher will appear in one form or another to sever the outdated karmic ties of the student. When a person reaches a certain level of consciousness, karma can easily be removed for it is no longer necessary as a training guide. Now when karma is removed, ALL karma is removed, all the “good” and the “bad”.


How else can it be done?

At our level of consciousness, what we see as “good” and “bad”, is viewed quite differently in the higher dimensional levels of creation. Celestial beings do not see “Blessings” and “Lessons”, they see only “Blessons”.

So when karma is removed, it is all removed. A person is literally reborn and rebirthed when all their karma is removed. This is what the term “Born Again” refers to in Ancient Scriptures and embedded within various cultures. It means the removal of ones karmic issues, or in other words-all karma.