Unlimited Stream Of Divine Love

The most significant thing in our human experience is our relationship to Love. Love is almost always addressed to somebody else, most of the time to one person. When in fact, Love should become just like breathing to us. It should be born out of us, like a stream of fresh water pouring into the ocean of life.

We have been conditioned and taught to love the other; we hear it so much that it has become a mantra to most people. The whole world talks about Love. Much poetry is written about loving the other, but it seems only a compensation for our own emotional gaps.

What we miss in life, we put into poetry. What we go on missing in life, we put into films and books, and also into fantasies, when in fact, Love is absolutely absent, because the first step has not yet been taken. And it is self-Love.

How can we give something we do not have? In fact, whenever we feel attracted or “in Love” with someone, it is simply because of something they possess that we believe will heal what we dislike about ourselves. Whenever there is something missing within you, you go on searching for it in others.

So we narrow Love down to one channel, and by doing that, we undermine its miraculous effect and its source. Love should be like breathing to us, yet how can we breathe for just one person?

Understanding the concept of Love and its source gives you an infinite tool in which to direct this unlimited stream of Divine Love to all, without any reservation. This is how you become a powerful healer, knowing and living the true definition of what Love is (self-Love).

Of course, there is always someone special who deserves your extra special care and attention, but that person must also mirror your state of awareness in concern to what Love truly is. “No gaps to fill”

Knowing the true source of your being gives you a wider perception of the true nature of Love. Whatever you do, Love goes on overflowing. It is a pure and natural state, and it is your stream of beingness, that comes of your trust and “self-Love.” Then it is not a question of being in Love or not anymore; it is a question of becoming the embodiment of Love.

With Love and Joy,